Fier Loraine

“The Blood Rose” Race: Dwarf Class: Barbarian/Fighter Deity: Rontl Gender: Male

Leader of the Barbaric Alliance. Came to fame during the Enlightenment by running into battles and wrecking havoc to both sides’ troops. Was given leadership after single-handedly defeating (quite literally as one hand was holding an ale) a red dragon.

Loraine has made no secret of his past, and his adopted parents have told his tale many times in the taverns (both before and after barfights). He was born to the dwarves of the Northern Reaches and thrown out as a bad omen because of his firey-red hair. Traveling elven barbarians found him and adopted him naming him “Fier”, a magical phrasing from the shaman. “Loraine” were his guardians’ surname. He traveled with said group of elvish (and some other oddball members as himself) for around 40 years before striking out on his own as customary amongst the elven barbarians.

He carries many trophies that he brags about all the time. Splitter, his trusty axe he found amongst the dragon’s treasures, which seems to have some mildly explosive qualities. Another common tavern-tale tells of him arm-wrestling with a titan and winning, also taking the titan’s magical belt with him (this is unconfirmed, although the belt DOES grow rather large if Loraine takes it off). Loraine also carries a pair of gauntlets that he adamantly refuses to talk about, but will stop and put on before entering any fight.

Fier Loraine

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