I’ve been working on this for a while, I will invite players to start at lvl 1, and continue well into the epic levels. Basically the story will run like so:

Small band of characters (between 2 and 5) will be basically conscripted at a village they: 1) live in/near 2) were traveling through 3)were sent to as a mercenary or part of the guard. The village is the first target of the invading Eastern Dominance, as a major supply line to their new front. PCs will either try to waylay the small waves of insurgence, or help evacuate the townspeople. The story will continue from there into who knows what. The Order of the Rose is basically the equivalent of royalty in the western nation (the PCs’ nation? The one they are fighting for to begin with at the least, which I have yet to find a good name for) and are heroes (or anti-heroes) from the nation’s founding 20 years in the past. PCs will meet the members of the Order throughout their travels and will influence or be influenced by them the entire campaign long. Hence the title of the campaign.

Please, if you are a hack-and-slash dungeon adventurer, do not contact me for this campaign. Serious roleplaying is my goal. No reenactments, just the simple task of playing in character is all I ask.

I will be posting the basic info on famous NPCs and such once I get back down to Florida and moved back into my dorm. It is possible to actually meet in my room weekly if I can find some steady players. All depends.

Order of the Rose